MCC-1 Series

RigPower has done it again!

We have improved another product (the MCC-1 series), that’s easier to identify, easier to work with, and improved the safety factor for all field staff.

    • RigPower’s MCC-1 series Single Pole High Amperage Connectors are designed specifically with the oil drilling industry in mind. The connectors will mate with the existing Amphenol Star-Line® TMPC™ (plugs and receptacles) single pole metal case connectors but ours offers additional safety features. The MCC-1 series is designed to deliver up to 1,000 Volts, AC or DC, and up to 1,135 Amps of continuous power in the most extreme conditions, including severe vibrations. Typical applications are: top drives, connection of power from generator sets to Switchgear or SCR (silicon controlled rectifier) controls, or from the control house to traction motors, mud pumps, draw-works, rotary tables and cement pumps.
    • The advanced design techniques utilized by RigPower have allowed us to design in two O-Rings (Contact to Insulator and Insulator to Cable Adapter) at the optimum locations to create a water tight seal. Additionally, the MCC-1 series advanced design allows for the REMOVAL OF THE KEY on all RigPower plugs. This eliminates the required twisting of heavy cable to align the key before mating the plug to the corresponding component. With the MCC-1 series just push the plug into any existing receptacle or inline receptacle, screw the coupling nut down, tighten the locking screws and you’re ready to go.
    • Yes, we’ve done it again! Stay tuned as we’re working on additional “BIG” introduction!

Star-Line® and TMPC™ are Trademarks of Amphenol Corporation