RMP II ® Series

Typical Applications

To move a land drilling rig, it must be disassembled into components small enough to fit on standard highway trucks. Given the need to complete the moves as quickly as possible, it is necessary to have a means of quickly and safely connecting the large electrical cables which power the many components of the rig.  On a typical land rig the following connections require high amperage single pole electrical connections:

  • Generator sets to switch gear or SCR drives.
  • AC or DC power to traction motors- SCR Power to mud pumps, draw works and top drives.
  • Quick connection of portable/emergency generators.
  • Quick connection and disconnection of load banks when testing permanent stand-by generator systems.
  • Quick connection of large portable air condition systems to existing building electrical systems for emergency situations or when maintenance is needed on the primary AC system.

Industry Exclusive Features

  • Panel Mount Housing
    • RigPower designed “Snap Action” locking mechanism, located at a 45º degree angle can withstand the most intensive vibration.  Included is a safety pin and a pull lanyard to disengage the mechanism easily.  Unique diameter of locking pin opening and available pad lock enhances safety. OSHA 1910 compliant.
  • Panel Mount Housing
    • Epoxy coated copper-free aluminum alloy, color coded for quick phase identification.  Color coding prevents reverse phasing or cross polarization which could result in personnel injury and equipment damage.
  • Female Receptacle
    • Female contact  (U.S. Patent  no. 7,442,096) with dead front Delrin ® Ring, provides increased safety by helping to prevent accidental contact.  The inherent design of the connectors is such that the electrical contacts are shrouded by the rubber insulators.  BOTH the male and female have a dead front end to protect operators from shock hazard.  Connectors are rated at 1000 volts AC or DC with the ability to withstand intermittent surges up to 1,300 Amps.
  • Male Receptacle
    • Duplex Sn plated high conductivity copper  (U.S. Patent no. 7,442,096) with self adjusting contact force.   Allows increased contact surface area and prevents collection of debris.  The inherent design of the connectors is such that the electrical contacts are shrouded by the rubber insulators.  BOTH the male and female have a Dead front end to protect operators from shock hazard.  Connectors are rated at 1000 volts AC or DC with the ability to withstand intermittent surges up to 1,300 Amps
  • Insulators
    • Rubber made with a proprietary synthetic thermoset rubber (not inexpensive thermoplastic) with “Self-Lubricating” technology.  The receptacles are resistant to oil, mud, sea water and petroleum products.  Material is designed to provide weatherproof service in a variety of demanding environments.
    • Molded vacuum release groove designed into all insulators which aids in assembly and disassembly of connectors while allowing NEMA 3R rated seal
  • Couplers
    • RigPower designed “Snap Action” locking mechanism (located on each coupler) can withstand the most intensive vibration.  Includes a safety pin and has a pull lanyard to disengage the mechanism easily.
    • Channel Groove allows for permanent mounting of coupler to structure using a U-clamp. Deep groove prevents coupler from vibrating out of location

Warning: Beware of knockoff parts made of thermoplastic. We do not recommend the use of plastic components or intermating them with the RMP II line. Look for the “RMP series” seal molded on all rubber products to ensure you received genuine RigPower parts.