Secure Mount Series


Existing board socket and pin connectors are mounted into a large expensive piece of insulating board, usually fiberglass or melamine, and requires a precision mounting hole. Small knurls on the shaft of the connectors are pressed into the mounting hole to prevent rotation. Over-tightening of the connector can easily strip the knurls out of the mounting hole, rendering the connector inoperable. Additionally, the design of the rear of the existing connector does not allow for direct attachment of a standard electrical lug and can not carry amp loads offered by the Secure Mount receptacle.

Industry Exclusive Features

  • Panel Mounting Base (U.S. Patent 7,399,194) designed specifically with the requirements of the drilling industry in mind
    • Mounts directly into any stainless or aluminum panel which eliminates the need for expensive melamine or fiberglass board.
    • Uses four 5/16 bolts and nuts.
    • Design supports quick and easy installation and replacement.
    • Allows operators to accurately space each receptacle on switchgear and SCR drives.
    • Large Color Coded Mounting Base is made from an Advanced Thermoset Glass filled Polymer.
  • Panel Mounted Receptacle Protective Cap
    • Securely attached to Mounting Base for quick and easy use.
    • Protects roughnecks from accidentally coming into contact with receptacle tip when not in use.
    • Material: Black Neoprene.
  • Boots are made from a Proprietary Synthetic Thermoset Hypalon ® Rubber (not Thermoplastic) with “Self- Lubricating” technology
    • Resistant to oil, mud, sea water and petroleum products found in the drilling industry.
    • Designed to provide weatherproof service in a variety of demanding environments.
    • Connectors provide safe trouble-free operation in the most extreme working conditions.
  • Dust cap designed to securely connect to the rubber boot and provides protection to the cable end when not in use
    • Material: Black Neoprene.
  • Advanced design “Hammer Head” Contact (U.S. Patent 7,399,194)
    • Designed to ensure a secure and complete connection between the shaft of the contact and receptacle opening when tightened together.
    • Double Crimp Style base is longer than other manufacturers, which provides a more complete and secure connection between the cable and contact.
    • Crimping locators are designed into the base for ease of installation.
    • Uses the same crimping die sets as the RigPower "RMP ® II" series.
    • Made from Duplex Sn plated high conductivity copper.
  • Retention Ring
    • Helps prevent the loss of rubber boot when cable is not connected.
    • Made from Delrin® which is resistant to high temperatures.