VFD-1 Series


As Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) systems are rapidly being applied to land based drilling rigs, the unique needs of a VFD equipped mobile land rig cannot be met with any existing standard connectors. The VFD-1 Series from RigPower is the only connector designed for the unique requirements of single conductor shielded VFD cables and rugged enough to survive in the harsh conditions of the drilling industry. Land rig VFD installations require the use of shielded single conductor cables rather than the shielded three conductor cable normally sold for VFD applications. The use of single conductor cables allows ease in installing and removing the cables as each single conductor cable will obviously be lighter than a large three conductor cable. Any multi-pole connector developed for shielded high power systems will have several intrinsic weaknesses as compared to a single pole connector.

  • Size
    • The space necessary inside a conductor for three separate power connections, plus ground connections, makes for an extremely large connector. The VFD-1 connector, even with 777 cable, fits into a standard size 24 shell.
  • Safety
    • Should a three conductor connector be accidentally disconnected under load, there will be severe phase to phase arcing. Unfortunately, the arc path will have enough resistance that the breaker may not rapidly recognize the fault, and current will continue to flow for several seconds resulting in a deadly fireball.
  • EMI Protection
    • A multi-conductor cable has only one braid shield enclosing all three phase leads and the ground(s). Often, connections are made by breaking out short sections of the individual phase leads. These short segments of unshielded cable serve as almost perfect antennas for the EM noise inherent in the wave forms produced by VFD systems.

VFD-1 Benefits

  • Service Ratings: 1135 Amps, 2000 Volts
  • RMP II ® Contact Techology (US Pat. No. 7,442,096) provides self adjusting contact force for resistance to the severe load variations and vibration encountered in drilling service
  • The conductivity of the cable shield braid is carried completely through the connector to ensure uninterrupted protection of EMI radiation
  • IP68 Level ingress protection to prevent moisture intrusion into cable system
  • Cable-Cable or Cable-Receptacle mating pairs
  • Available in ten colors for easy equipment/phase identification